Reflexology Clinic in Frome and Bath

Improving your sense of health and wellbeing

I believe that using reflexology to treat the whole person instead of individual ailments or symptoms is one of the most effective forms of preventative healthcare.

Reflexology is the technique of applying gentle pressure to the reflexes on the feet and hands to bring about a feeling of deep relaxation, helping you return to a state of balance and wellbeing. 

Reflexology helps relaxation, improves mood, aids sleep, can relieve tension and improves the overall sense of wellbeing. By working with individuals using a holistic approach and helping in these areas, your practitioner is assisting and supporting your body’s ability to cope with illness or problems. In turn, this helps overcome negative perceptions of the illness and can reduce its effects elsewhere.

As a complementary therapy, reflexology can leave you feeling totally relaxed. It is an extremely flexible therapy and reflexology can be used in conjunction with other healthcare practices. Each treatment lasts around an hour and there is a view that multiple sessions have a cumulative effect. 

I ensure that every client receives a bespoke programme based on an individual consultation. For more details on how reflexology could help you, give me a call on 07966 888 901.